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New vibration after replacing the guibo with u-joint

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Hi Folks,

I pored a bunch of the existing driveshaft threads and didn't see anything that seemed related...

I just had my van at the dealer to do the driveshaft recall. They installed a driveshaft with a u-joint and now we're getting a new vibration, most noticeable off-throttle and between 25-50MPH. It almost sounds like a helicopter is following.

Any ideas? My first thought is that maybe it's an imbalanced driveshaft, but that seems kinda improbable.
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I have this same helicopter noise but at 45MPH. Doesnt matter if I'm coasting or on the gas. Its the same noise if you only have your rear windows down on a passenger a noise buffering. 350 HD (dually) here.

Please report back after you bring it in.
Took it back to the dealer. The mechanic came for a drive with me, confirmed it. He put it up on the lift and said that he couldn't identify any issues so he's going to order a new driveshaft. I'm hoping that that fixes it -- if not I imagine I'm gonna be up a creek. Pleased with the dealer being willing to do this, though.
Thanks! Please continue to update this thread on your findings.
Hmmm. I'm glad to hear that you got it resolved!

Just to be clear for anyone who's reading this thread a year from now trying to figure out what to do: that's different than the issue that I'm having. My vibration is only related to road speed and not to load -- it doesn't matter whether you're on or off throttle.
This is what I have...road speed NOT load
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