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NEW Updated 2017 Ford Transit Order Guide coming soon!

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Found out when looking for the Wheel Well Liners and the Arch Wheel Moldings at various locations that a Low Roof wagon had wheel well liners that was not showing on the current Transit Order Guide. When I made contact with my Dearborn, MI friend, he stated that a NEW Transit Order Guide is in effect and the dealers should have it in the next few days.

In the NEW Transit Order Guide, the Wheel Well Liners are available for ALL TRANSITS with 2 different codes for single and dual rear wheels. The Wheel Arch Moldings have been discontinued from the NEW order guide.
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I would think that since the body styles have stayed the same from 2015, it would retrofit for ALL years. There looks to be separate part numbers for the single axle and 2 sets of dual axle models with the order code 15C for the single axle models and 87B for the Stainless Steel wheel well liners for the DRW models.
A pdf file has not been setup yet to the new 2017 Ford Transit UPDATED Order Guide. My Dearborn contact sent this one to me, so if you need one, this might work for now.

There may be some differences in this guide than the one for the retail units. I am just going by what I was told via my Ford contact and he does not deal directly with the Ford Transit program. If you compare page 12 on the original issued Transit Order Guide and this UPDATED one, you will see the changes in the wheel well liners and the DELETION of the Arch Wheel Moldings.
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You have to have a FLEET CODE to order any fleet options. Those are issued by Ford to their normal fleet buyers.
The 2015-16 has a different aluminum wheel than the new 2017. They call it a Easy Clean Styled Aluminum Wheel and hopefully it is made easier to clean off the brake dust that accumulates on it while driving. From the information that is coming from the various SEMA vendors, there are a lot more aftermarket wheels being made available for the Ford Transit. Hope to have pictures from the show available for forum members.
Tom at Matt Ford is trying to setup the UPDATED 2017 FORD TRANSIT ORDER GUIDE in pdf format. Ford released it in a different format that was going to be difficult to setup on their website. Will let you know when it is setup correctly for printing.
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It is updated on the Matt Ford website. Go to Go over to the area NEW CARS then click on 'Transit Customers Pay Less At Matt Ford' then go down to 2017 Ford Transit Official Order Guide, part 1. This will be the first 12 pages that are updated and you can print in BLACK. Then go and print part 2 in COLOR for the last 9 pages as page 13 shows certain door and window configurations in colors.
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