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New to vans, seeking general advice

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I am entertaining the idea of selling my AWD Wagon and buying a van, possibly a Transit. My uses will be:

- Daily driver to include hauling a car seat
- Hauling lumber and other building materials for house projects and side jobs
- Single person camping with some home built cabinets/amenities
- Very limited lightweight utility trailer towing

I know the Transit has a number of models/sizes available, and I am just trying to get a general idea of where to start my research. This will be my only vehicle so I am willing to get a nice example. I am hoping to purchase the vehicle for somewhere around $20,000.

So, given the above, are my goals attainable? Which models/sizes would you recommend? Any years to avoid?

And lastly, I know this is a Ford forum, but are there competing vans from other makers I should consider?

I will begin poking around the forum to learn more, just trying to get a starting point. Thanks for your time!
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Car gurus is great. If you're open to travel, you can find a cargo with mid 30k miles for 18k and change.
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