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One of the main things I look for at the SEMA Show are some new products and ideas for the Ford Transit. This year is no exception as a couple of notes I had about the different exhibitors has looked pretty good so far. Some of the things I found at the SEMA Show and looking to pursue......

Ford Transit Auto Shade...with the front windshields being so large on the Medium and High Roof models, there has not been anything that fits correctly for these models. Working with this particular company, Intro-Tech Automotive, they are taking the sample measurements I gave them and building a custom auto shade for the Transit. I should have their sample in a few weeks and will have pictures of it on the forum site for your comments. For my Matt Ford customers, this will be in your Transit van when you take delivery. Another group of window shades will be available for sale to forum members.

Willmore Manufacturing...I had this company make a set of custom running boards for my dual sliding door Transit and they are ready to do them for all of the Transit body styles. From the short running boards for just the driver and front passenger area to the full length boards for either side of the 130" WB or 148" WB Transit, they are equipped to make them right inside their Tucson, AZ plant. They just got a order for 10 sets of running boards for the 148" WB vans so those will be available pretty soon. I am working with them on ALL of the Transit body styles and will have pictures for each one soon. Matt Ford is looking to be one of their distributors for their complete line of running boards for the Transit as well as the F-150 and Super Duty trucks.

Cooper Tires...with so many Transit owners looking for special tires for their Transit uses, Cooper Tires has added a lot of NEW SIZES that may be useful for your vehicle. One of the NEW tire models is the Discoverer AT3LT, which has a lot of different sizes with the load range E designation, both with the Black sidewall as well as the Outline White Letter sizes. A more rugged version called Discoverer AT3XLT has even more sizes for that heavier use you require on your Transit. Look at their website, for information on these tires.

Auxiliary Lighting...this particular company had a lot of different LED lighting options for the Transit as well as other vehicles. Everything from front bumper, front or rear roof line, wiring harness' and switches that can be used with the various LED lighting products.

CoverCraft....this company makes custom seat covers, dash covers, cargo area protection which includes their 'Canine Covers' for dog protection.

Conversion Van Captain Chair Seating and Sofas....with so many Transit forum members doing their own conversions and adding aftermarket seats and sofas, Roadwire has a lot of the special Captains Chairs and fully reclining sofas that you can add to your Transit cargo van. ...

Maxpro Window Films...this company had window film samples so you could see each of their film tints. Had all the technical specifications for each film sheet.

Some others that were of special interest to me for the performance minded Transit owners...

Ford Transit Ram Air System....I had already made a setup for myself but this company had a lot of neat setups for various Ford vehicles. I told them about my setup and with them being in the U.K. they have different engines but a lot of performance items for the European Transit. Something to look at in the future..with my contacts.

Baer Brake Systems...I have known these guys since they were based in Texas and moved to Phoenix, AZ to expand their business. I am talking to them about making a heavy duty setup for the Transit. The biggest hurdle is the different bolt pattern that the Transit has that is different from most Ford products. They make lot of special brake rotors and calipers for a lot of special models like the Mustang, Bronco, and F-150. A Heavy Duty Brake System for the Transit may be a GREAT OPTION to have for the larger Transit models.

Quick Time Performance...I saw this exhibitor on the SEMA listing and knew I had to go there and see what they had available I could use on my DRAGSIT. Their 3 brands are the AR3 Muffler Systems, SCREAMER TwinTronic Exhaust Systems, and AGGRESSOR Electric Cutout Pipes. Talked to them about doing a exhaust system for the Transit and they may be interested in doing one for the 3.5L EcoBoost engine with the side exit chrome or black tips. I really like the AGGRESSOR Electric Cutout Pipes as you can activate it electronically so you can go from the quiet sleeper to the LOUD Hot Rod in a instant.

I have a whole stack of literature accumulated from the show so I will go through some more of it to see what might be of interest to forum members. The ones listed above were ones I had on my list of 'FOR SURE' exhibitors to see and talk to about any products they may have or could have in the future for the Ford Transit.


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