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Hello all,

Just a quick intro from the PNW ! I am a new owner of a Ford Transit 350HD with the 3.2 diesel. I am a flooring installer on the Oregon coast and have been driving Chevy Express's for the last 20 years. They have been reliable, ( mostly ) and have served their purpose well over the years. I am keeping my last one, a 2006, as a back up, secondary vehicle for the time being. With that said, I had been really looking at an upgrade the last couple years and had been researching the Sprinter for awhile but the price was hard to justify, I had seen a few Transits at the local dealer as well as the Promaster vans but hadn't really looked at them much. Last Nov I got more serious and started looking at various forums, mostly here, and found mostly positives reviews. ( There are always negatives in every brand ) In early Dec I went and test drove a Transit 250 extended high roof at the local dealer with the 3.7, the only extended they had on the lot, as well as ( after talking with the salesman who insisted ) a Promaster 350 ecodiesel extended. I was very impressed with the Transit ! Of course the size of the thing, but even the handling and drivability was a surprise. The Promaster, well, not so much. ( What is up with that funky transmission ?? ) So after the drive I decided I would pursue getting the Transit HD, ( more space = more tools + more materials = a bigger regular payload ) I decided on the diesel over the ecoboost. It was a little difficult never having one before. The local dealer did a search and found one that meet my needs and after some haggling, over a week, we reached an agreement and they had it here in a couple days after that. I spent the next few weeks after work and weekends building and installing shelving that best fit my needs over any of the commercially available units. It's been in service a few weeks now and I love it ! As well as my crew ! While I won't be passing as many motorhomes on the highway this summer I will be pretty happy with the 50% fuel economy increase as a consolation prize. I do have a couple questions about the van that I don't know if I should be concerned with yet. I will post them elsewhere as I passed " a quick intro" a while back.


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Congrats on taking the plunge.. I too have been considering the new transit..Im also a long time chevy guy, 07 3500 ext, 6.0. 157k..Most reliable vehicle ive ever owned. Been a van guy for 40yrs..Currently studying the 250 mr 148, 3.5...I should be looking at the 350 I guess, just a lot more 250s around..Kinda in limbo right know about it, waiting to see if Chevrolet steps up to the plate.The express is really getting long in the tooth as they say.
My father just switched from his 06 Express 3500 6.0 to a T350 HR LWB 3.5/3.31. The fuel economy jump alone was worth it to him, let alone more power, a better ride, and much more cargo space. He was averaging around 10-12mpg in his Chevy, and is now averaging 16-17mpg in his Transit.

He sold the chevy with 230K on it. Started eating oil, and needing a lot of maintenance at that point. But it was a good rig for him.
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What about the Chevy's peeling hood paint?

It was just starting in a few places due to rock chips. Not nearly as bad as what I have seen driving out there.
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