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New owner of 2015 T-250, 3.2 Diesel, Med Roof, 148 WB, 101K miles

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Purchased from a Sprinter dealership, and had thorough service and inspection performed by Ford dealer, including coolant exchange, transmission fluid exchange, differential fluid exchange, brake fluid exchange, diesel fuel filter repacement. Brakes inspected and are fine, tires new, documented service history at Ford dealerships. No issues found, no repairs recommended by Ford. Do you recommend purchasing Ford's best bumper to bumper extended warranty, $3500 quote for 3 years, 24K miles? (I plan to drive it about 7000 miles per year in light duty use).
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No opinion on the extended warranty. Might be worth considering whether that's actually "Ford" (I sorta doubt it) or an extended warranty company - for which there may be alternatives.
The only warranty plan options offered by the local dealer on a used Ford vehicle are directly from Ford. I wouldn't purchase a 3rd party plan, they go in and out of business constantly, and are subject to very little government oversight in terms of their financial viability and enforceability for the coverages offered.
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