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New mini heat pump in my Transit

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Hello to all this is my first post, my wife and I just purchased a Transit 350 Diesel passenger van which will be transformed into a all purpose camper rv, we've owned a 84 vanagon for years which I installed a Subaru wrx motor in but still lacked some of the modern desires of the Ford Transit so here we go on the Transit camper build. First thing was to purchased golf cart batteries which would give us at least 400 amp hour feeding the 1500W pure signwave inverter which will power many of the 120v comforts of home, the biggest challenge was air conditioning and the heat, Ive researched MANY different systems but found this unit and its amazing! Total size is 9" high, 14" long by 7" deep. It comes in AC or AC/ DC versions and when running on DC draws a little over 20 amps. It does require an external water radiator in order to dissipate the heat from the condenser which I will run water line to the roof and install a small radiator or this may change as my build goes along but for now that is my thought. Also its rated at 4200 BTU but the owner of the company who designed it said it pumps over 5000 BTU but hes keeping the underrating..

Here is is site and he also has a couple youtube videos.


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I will be removing all the panels in the van to explore what type of insulation the factory has provided and add to that where possible. I had a 5000 btu in my VW vanagon and it kept up with the heat pretty well, the cubic feet in the Transit is not much different with the VW camper roof up, I'm hoping for the best. One thing we did on the VW is use a thermo window treatment for the front and rear windows which helped a great deal. I will post results. The transit passenger van came with dual air so I hope they insulated for that.
Thats a good idea also, that area isn't used when your parked anyway. I'm going to try lizard skin spray on insulation, seen a couple you tube videos and its pretty impressive.
Well I was amazed that there was zero insulation in the van, after removing all the seats the panels started to come off only to find....nothing! I installed the Maxxair 6200 fan unit and waiting the the 3M thinsulate to show up today then the process will begin to insulate and fill in the small areas with spray foam. While waiting I did some experiments with the new mini heat pump and found its performance to be as very good till the water in the bucket got warm then its output of cool air decreases so there will have to be a good size radiator to transfer the heat which I hope to locate in front of the van in front of all the other heat transfer devices. I have purchased 4 T105 deep cycle batteries with a total of 440 amp hours @12 VDC which in tern feeds a 1500W (3000 watt peak) pure sign wave inverter. As you can see from the DC power supply the unit draws 26.1 amps with the fan on the high speed. Output air at 84 F outside temp was 65 F till the water in the bucket got to 90 F then it went up.

3M thinsulate supplied by Hein in Hood River Oregon!

Why can't I post pictures?
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It is a marine system, I'm thinking Honda Goldwing radiator and fan.

Why are not my pictures coming up?
I'm certain that would do the job unfortunately its to large to operate on batteries. with that size I doubt you would need to insulate but your going to need AC external pwr for it.
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