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Thanks for having me, glad to be here.
Picked up a 2015 250 EB Medium Roof 148 Cargo van with 7000K
It's replacing an '04 Chev Express 3500
This Ford is a very peppy "fishbowl" , although still empty.
Starting to outfit the van for HVAC/R.
I'm thinking that the tires will have to be replaced as they look out of place and, once loaded down, may not suffice.
Any trades people on here that can make suggestions on ladder-rack/shelving suppliers?? Very limited knowledge around these parts on these trucks, being so "new".
Is there a label hidden somewhere that I could obtain build codes?? e.g. rear axle ratio?? and such??
Thanks, I'II start reading through threads as time permits.

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Welcome & congratulations!

There is plenty of great information here, and many who love to share information on what they've discovered about these versatile vehicles.

Meanwhile, you can put your VIN# on this ETIS page link and get many details about your specific configuration like the axle they put in it, etc.

As you start looking into upfitting it, the Body & Equipment Mounting manual in this link will be helpful.
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