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New member from Greenville, SC

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My wife Laura and I bought a 2015 Transit XLT 350 High roof with the intentions of building it into a camper van of sorts. It is also our daily driver and we love it so far with only minimal gripes about Ford. I am a forum lover and am a member of several other forums for my boat and motorcycles. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of the members to help with questions and to share their ideas. We plan on doing most of the conversion work ourselves and have just begun. Bigger wheels and tires and a roof rack are our goal this summer if money allows. Hoping to see more wheel choices pop up!!! We look forward to reading your posts and sharing where we can....

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Welcome to the forum. There are a lot of talented DIY'ers on the forum, doing what you are thinking of. Many of them hauling their motorcycles around.

Semper Fi
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