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New build questions - Passenger Wagon 148"

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Hi Everyone,

Great resource here, I have been lurking for a while. Getting ready to order a Transit here in Canada, unfortunately the 2016 Build and Price isn't online yet. I have a couple questions regarding the build I am hoping you can help with.

1. I looked at a 130" passenger wagon on a lot, and the doors only opened 180 degrees. Do they open 270 degrees on the 148" WB passenger wagon?

2. I do not want cloth seats.... I do dirty work during the week and go out with the family on trips and weekends, so to me something we can wash is very important. I am considering the XL with vinyl seats and floor for this reason. Does anyone with the vinyl seats have any reviews? Are they awful in summer or are the driver/passenger vinyl seats comfortable?

3. If I upgrade to XLT I can get leather seats (I think... dealer is having trouble configuring that). If I get the leather seat option, what do the passengers get (cloth, vinyl, leather)?

4. There were a bunch of threads early on regarding removing the seats in the passenger van, and I think the determination is that it can be done. Can anyone comment on how easily this is to do? I can get the seats out of my sprinter in about 3 minutes, if I have someone to help carry them out.

Thanks for any help you can offer!
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Your seats can come out quite easy with just a screw driver, and on my 148 inch wheelbase 350 Transit Wagon
the rear row has a quick lift tab on the seats, these tabs can be purchased for the other rows as well, and then you can
just use the tabs to remove all the seats, except for the little single one in the 3rd row, It needs a special screw
tip to get the two bolts out of the floor. The rear seats, are only good for kids, and a very slim adult. It is a shame that the
Ford company does not make a bench rear seat available, without those skinny buckets.
Stargeezer. If you have not ordered the van yet, You may want to get the 3.5 Eco boost engine, as it is
a bit peppier than the 3.7 standard model.
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