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New build questions - Passenger Wagon 148"

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Hi Everyone,

Great resource here, I have been lurking for a while. Getting ready to order a Transit here in Canada, unfortunately the 2016 Build and Price isn't online yet. I have a couple questions regarding the build I am hoping you can help with.

1. I looked at a 130" passenger wagon on a lot, and the doors only opened 180 degrees. Do they open 270 degrees on the 148" WB passenger wagon?

2. I do not want cloth seats.... I do dirty work during the week and go out with the family on trips and weekends, so to me something we can wash is very important. I am considering the XL with vinyl seats and floor for this reason. Does anyone with the vinyl seats have any reviews? Are they awful in summer or are the driver/passenger vinyl seats comfortable?

3. If I upgrade to XLT I can get leather seats (I think... dealer is having trouble configuring that). If I get the leather seat option, what do the passengers get (cloth, vinyl, leather)?

4. There were a bunch of threads early on regarding removing the seats in the passenger van, and I think the determination is that it can be done. Can anyone comment on how easily this is to do? I can get the seats out of my sprinter in about 3 minutes, if I have someone to help carry them out.

Thanks for any help you can offer!
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May I recommend neoprene seat covers? I used wet okole seat covers in my 06 f250 over cloth seats. Removable and washable, comfortable both summer and winter. They were expensive, but its the first mod I do to any vehicle, especially as we have dogs. When i sold truck in 13, after a lot of use, seats were brand new looking.
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