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New around here

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Location: West Texas
Not yet an owner, but intend to soon.

I will purchase a LWB, /mid/high roof, 3.5L engine, Wagon.
I Intend to use it as a commercial mobility transporter. MPG is important but not the sole determinant, NVH is equally important. I'll be watching for long idle time problems if any on the diesels with an eye to replacing a 03 E350.
I've already ruled out the Sprinter, too expensive and long delay in downtime, and the Promaster cost too much to upfit.

I am not choosing Ford by default. I am a serial Ford abuser. 79 F250 7.5L 153,000mls killed in an accident.
83 F350 7.5L (The Money pit), :(
91 F250 7.3L 272,000 5 Spd manual still running strong. Shared rides: Areostar died in an accident 297,000+ Ford Focus gave up the ghost @ 186 000, three kids learned to drive on that one, Ford 500 212,000 @ first sparkplugs change. '12 F250 6.7L may well complete 300,000 at the end of 2015, and the surprise '03 E350 5.4L sitting at 318,000 and making regular 300 to 500 miles round trip. A couple of Mercuries including a Sable that was literally our covered wagon. Almost forgot the Ford Escort Cosworth nicknamed the ticketmaster!:D
had a few chevy's, two to be precise, they just could not take the abuse.
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Our 3.2 diesel is at 95000 miles and idle time is right at 30% last I checked. So far, no problems. One thing to note is that between idle times, it's on the highway, not running around in stop and go traffic, so that may help things.
Go with the 148" WB. I think that you would regret it when you start having to pull everything out of the van for camping/cooking then have to load it all back up again when you knew in the back of your mind you could have gotten the 148.

Just an internet opinion from someone that doesn't know you, so take it as you wish. :)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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