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New 2016 Transit MR, LWB, 3.2l, 3.73 LS, Green Gem van ordered

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Hello guys,

On (supposedly) August 5-11 will be the proud owner of a new Ford transit van.
This will be my 4th, and most expensive, ford van I have purchased.

I plan to build this van up as a multipurpose vehicle. It will be filled up with HVAC equipment for work, and for recreational trips, a removable bench (or sofa bed) will be put in between the dual sliding doors, along with moving the partition behind the bench.
I have done something similar with an 85' Econoline with great success so hopefully it won't be too much of a pain with this van.
5/13/16 - ordered
5/19/16 - given date for build (week of July 18th) with ETA (8/1/16-8/7/16)
5/26/16 - ETA change (8/5/16-8/11/16)
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Your's sounds nearly identical to mine.

You'll love the green.
My only concern would be the Flip-Open Passenger-Side Door Glass, as some people on this forum seem to be having a hard time with them.
I have the flip open glass in the first row of windows on both sides.

It works pretty good but the latch is not super intuitive to operate. It works OK, but you have to fiddle a bit the first time and may have to explain it to new passengers. Once you get how they work it's not too bad.

They do rattle some if you drive with the windows open, not horrible at all, but you will hear them.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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