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Myford touch hd/sirus/nav

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My new 2015 TRANSIT Wagon, soon to be converted, has MYFORD TOUCH HD/Sirius/Nav. To my surprise and disappointment, it does not have a CD player. From what I can see, the sticker shows the AM/FM Single CD w/aux jack. Several of the brochures, Product Information Book, Small Brochures indicate there is a standard CD player in the XLT wagon. When I could not find it, I was first told it was there and they gave me clues as to finding it. The salesman then took a look and could not find it. Now they tell me when the factory installed MYFORD TOUCH HD is installed they do not install a CD! I'm having trouble getting past the idea that $1,595.00 Entertainment upgrade excludes a CD player. I had to drive home 450 miles without listening to my Cracker Barrel rented $3.50 wk. audio CD. I was able to find a $75 CD player at Best Buy. This CD/AM/FM fits nicely in the slot in center of the overhead front shelf. I could make this work if I could figure out how to wire the power and speakers. I have spend last two days trying to locate a wiring diagram of the MYFORD system. The dealer Customer Service warned me that if I mess with the MYFORD system, I could void the warranty. Ouch! I need my CD.
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Later: wow, the dash menu really blows, and, I'm not yet convinced that the voice menu is much better. It's hard to find a Return or Up or Escape menu item.
Yes, let me know if you figure how to navigate to bluetooth without using the voice. Or if you can turn off the voice that says "your phone is now connected and is reminding you 911 is off", or if you can turn off the screen when driving at night..

I'm sure I will rip the entire radio out if cannot turn this off soon... :mad::s

no radio/xm/fm/xxx feature is worth the assault that is the microsoft sync user experience.
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