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Myford touch hd/sirus/nav

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My new 2015 TRANSIT Wagon, soon to be converted, has MYFORD TOUCH HD/Sirius/Nav. To my surprise and disappointment, it does not have a CD player. From what I can see, the sticker shows the AM/FM Single CD w/aux jack. Several of the brochures, Product Information Book, Small Brochures indicate there is a standard CD player in the XLT wagon. When I could not find it, I was first told it was there and they gave me clues as to finding it. The salesman then took a look and could not find it. Now they tell me when the factory installed MYFORD TOUCH HD is installed they do not install a CD! I'm having trouble getting past the idea that $1,595.00 Entertainment upgrade excludes a CD player. I had to drive home 450 miles without listening to my Cracker Barrel rented $3.50 wk. audio CD. I was able to find a $75 CD player at Best Buy. This CD/AM/FM fits nicely in the slot in center of the overhead front shelf. I could make this work if I could figure out how to wire the power and speakers. I have spend last two days trying to locate a wiring diagram of the MYFORD system. The dealer Customer Service warned me that if I mess with the MYFORD system, I could void the warranty. Ouch! I need my CD.
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I think the reasoning is when you have my ford touch there's a Bluetooth connect to your cell and they probably think you would stream music from there instead of from a cd. I packed all my cds away about 7 years ago and haven't used one since. like 8track and cassette cd's are almost extinct.
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I never expected a cd player once I had bluetooth and for me it would have been useless, but I understand others think they should have it and still use cd's. To be fair my bmw has bluetooth streaming and a cd player as well but so did my last three cars and I use the ipod hook up in the center console or my phone with bluetooth but never once had a cd in any of these cars save for the volvo which had yearly dvd updates for the navi which they sent me in the mail. I reviewed my order list and it doesn't list a cd but I did notice that in the online brochure with interior upgrade it does say single cd player so I understand the confusion.
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