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Myford touch hd/sirus/nav

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My new 2015 TRANSIT Wagon, soon to be converted, has MYFORD TOUCH HD/Sirius/Nav. To my surprise and disappointment, it does not have a CD player. From what I can see, the sticker shows the AM/FM Single CD w/aux jack. Several of the brochures, Product Information Book, Small Brochures indicate there is a standard CD player in the XLT wagon. When I could not find it, I was first told it was there and they gave me clues as to finding it. The salesman then took a look and could not find it. Now they tell me when the factory installed MYFORD TOUCH HD is installed they do not install a CD! I'm having trouble getting past the idea that $1,595.00 Entertainment upgrade excludes a CD player. I had to drive home 450 miles without listening to my Cracker Barrel rented $3.50 wk. audio CD. I was able to find a $75 CD player at Best Buy. This CD/AM/FM fits nicely in the slot in center of the overhead front shelf. I could make this work if I could figure out how to wire the power and speakers. I have spend last two days trying to locate a wiring diagram of the MYFORD system. The dealer Customer Service warned me that if I mess with the MYFORD system, I could void the warranty. Ouch! I need my CD.
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Geez, ShadeTree and Tchgrif... I think the point IS, that the CD player was listed. AND, when you pay more for the good stuff, you expect it to include features of the lesser models, along with the extra features. I've got basic Sync with CD player. It also has USB and Bluetooth. But, I just bought another album on CD, to add to the bunch I brought over from my old vehicle. I've got basic BT connectivity to my phone, but, have found that getting music and system sounds over the stereo is awkward, at best.
Now, now Eddie - calm down. ;-]

I started out with "I hesitate to suggest" due to this being a "fired up topic". The OP stated: "To my surprise and disappointment".

I had "assumed" my 2015 Ford My Touch/Navi came with a CD. I had to go back to the Selected Options print out and there beside option 584 it said "Does not include single CD". Too much small print to keep up with and my eyesight isn't what it use to be.

Ah, well, there must have been several versions of what's included in 584, since CrewVanMan quotes another with CD, in the other thread, from January.

And, I'm pretty sure this has been covered in still more threads. Then, there's apparently misleading promo materials, and, again, flying against common sense.
It hurts me to think about how many CD's you can load on a 32GB flash drive. I've even got a bunch LPs (full albums) just for the old school pleasure of listening them from one end to the other. And then there's the meta data / tags you can tune up with a program like TagScanner (custom album art, embedded lyrics ...).

I have already begun experimenting. But, the Linux distro on my old, spare box is being flaky. Got half of one album ripped, to check in the Transit, on a thumb drive. If that looks encouraging, I'll set up a new Linux distro to rip and experiment further.

Later: wow, the dash menu really blows, and, I'm not yet convinced that the voice menu is much better. It's hard to find a Return or Up or Escape menu item.
I believe!

If you have a bunch of CDs and a USB drive in the transit, well ...

It hurts me to think about how many CD's you can load on a 32GB flash drive. I've even got a bunch LPs (full albums) just for the old school pleasure of listening them from one end to the other. And then there's the meta data / tags you can tune up with a program like TagScanner (custom album art, embedded lyrics ...).

Thanks to your prodding, I have made the jump, from physical CDs, to digital files on a USB thumb drive.

Not so much for you, as for the OP or others...

Using software in a Linux distro, I was able to rip about 4 albums an hour to a decent 190 kbps quality level, with little trouble. Not a bad task to do while watching TV or surfing the net. Very important to do the ripping with Internet connectivity; this way, all of the song titles are automatically downloaded and incorporated into the file names. Then, song titles show in the dash display -- much nicer than seeing only "Track 2" in a CD player display.

I suppose current versions of WinDoze may have some ripping software included. Not sure. But, it's easy for me to get free, reliable, safe software for most typical tasks, with Linux.

The SYNCvoice commands are sufficient for starting up any album (or group of albums by a particular artist). "Play album Dark Side of the Moon". You can pause/resume by voice, or use the press the power button to pause/resume. If you want to see a list of all albums or artists, you have to suffer with the dash menu and controls... a minor and infrequent downside.

Then, so as not to have a thumb drive sticking out of the dash, in the way, I've ordered one of the mini-nub thumb drives:

I'm actually going to get much more use out of the albums I've paid for, since it's so convenient to play anything I want, with no fumbling or stopping or dangerous shuffling while driving.

Another advantage is that you can make multiple thumb drives of your files, to leave in different cars, or on different computers, etc. I wish my home entertainment amp was new enough to have a USB input. But, for now, all of my CDs can live in the house, near the music system.
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Yes, let me know if you figure how to navigate to bluetooth without using the voice. Or if you can turn off the voice that says "your phone is now connected and is reminding you 911 is off", or if you can turn off the screen when driving at night..

I'm sure I will rip the entire radio out if cannot turn this off soon... :mad::s

no radio/xm/fm/xxx feature is worth the assault that is the microsoft sync user experience.
I guess you get the connected+911 message because you have not turned 911 on...? Mine is on, and, I never hear anything. My phone's BT is always on; when I get in the van, there's no audible signal.

Yes, it would be nice if you could keep the SYNC screen off, or dimmed more than the dash dimmer does; the SYNC screen is always brighter than the other dash lights, no matter how dim the setting.

Heh, I forgot that Microsoft was responsible for SYNC.
... What my wife and I really like is to continue to listen to the CD novels that we are able to rent from Cracker B.
There you go! No matter what anyone thinks of digitizing music collections, being able to use available novels on CD rentals is a compelling case for having the CD in your rig.
Yo Eddie, I assume from your music selection "Play album Dark Side of the Moon" you live in either Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, or Washington?

That is my all time favorite album.;)
The first time I heard Dark Side, I was a teenager, sick as a dog at a kegger. I went out and bought the album (8 track) the next day. Have had it on multiple formats since then.
As a footnote here....I'm happy to see other Linux users on this forum. I have been using Linux almost exclusively for about 10 years. Started with Ubuntu and then switched to Mint maybe 6 years ago, now with the Mate desktop.
I've been using mostly Linux for about 15 years. Last year, I switched to using a Chromebook for most of my activities, and my PC Linux OS system sort of aged out, having not been updated in a long time. To do my ripping, I booted up a live CD of Puppy Linux... loaded the entire OS into RAM, and freed up the drive for the music CDs. Used the included Asunder program to do the ripping. Still use Windows to do my photo editing and occasional programming projects.
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This is not of particular import to the OP -- mainly additional thanks to ShadeTreeMech, for the impulse to rip all of my CDs to digital. It has been great! I had previously whined about not having a USB plug in my home stereo. Ah, but, I do have USB plugs in my TV, which does feed to the stereo. So I can listen to all of the digital music at home. I also have put a copy of the music on my smartphone. Now, when working in my shop I can use the headphone out jack, to feed music into the stereo there. One of the best things is that I've got some albums that have several bad tracks, which has kept me from listening to them in spite of all the other good tunes. One is a double album with John Lee Hooker and Canned Heat. Once I remove the several tracks, it's getting a lot of play. In fact, it's my current favorite album. I've had it for 10 or 12 years, and up to now had only listened to it a handful of times. Oh, and being able to listen to double-CD albums in their entirety, with no disc jockeying -- Physical Graffiti, yes! Good times.
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