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Myford touch hd/sirus/nav

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My new 2015 TRANSIT Wagon, soon to be converted, has MYFORD TOUCH HD/Sirius/Nav. To my surprise and disappointment, it does not have a CD player. From what I can see, the sticker shows the AM/FM Single CD w/aux jack. Several of the brochures, Product Information Book, Small Brochures indicate there is a standard CD player in the XLT wagon. When I could not find it, I was first told it was there and they gave me clues as to finding it. The salesman then took a look and could not find it. Now they tell me when the factory installed MYFORD TOUCH HD is installed they do not install a CD! I'm having trouble getting past the idea that $1,595.00 Entertainment upgrade excludes a CD player. I had to drive home 450 miles without listening to my Cracker Barrel rented $3.50 wk. audio CD. I was able to find a $75 CD player at Best Buy. This CD/AM/FM fits nicely in the slot in center of the overhead front shelf. I could make this work if I could figure out how to wire the power and speakers. I have spend last two days trying to locate a wiring diagram of the MYFORD system. The dealer Customer Service warned me that if I mess with the MYFORD system, I could void the warranty. Ouch! I need my CD.
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leapfrogging technologies

I hesitate to suggest, but will none the less - Converting CD's to computer files and storing them on a "thumb drive" will allow you to make use of the USB drive(s) the MT HD has tucked away down by the SD card slot (used by the Nav system). Not as simple as dropping in a CD, but "progress" tends to be painful when we're forced to move along with the "cutting edge" of technology. In FoMoCo's Transit world, taking the bitter with the sweet is part of the ride.

Sometimes it's best to find someone to do the conversion and demo how to use it.

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Now, now Eddie - calm down. ;-]

I started out with "I hesitate to suggest" due to this being a "fired up topic". The OP stated: "To my surprise and disappointment".

I had "assumed" my 2015 Ford My Touch/Navi came with a CD. I had to go back to the Selected Options print out and there beside option 584 it said "Does not include single CD". Too much small print to keep up with and my eyesight isn't what it use to be.


Click ...


When it comes down to renaming the book's audio file chapters to get them to come out in the right order on a "MP3" player - that can get tricky sometimes.

Enjoy the ride and the journey.
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to include features of the lesser models

Ah, well ... {snip} ... this has been covered in still more threads ... {snip} ... flying against common sense.
A lot of issues related to FoMoCo's US Transit covered on this forum just plain old stink, but I can't argue with something I got in print when I placed the order. Let's wait and see if rascorp has the CD player listed on his order or window sticker.

If you have a bunch of CDs and a USB drive in the transit, well ...

I hesitate to suggest, but will none the less - Converting CD's to computer files and storing them on a "thumb drive" will allow you to make use of the USB drive(s) ... {snip} ...
It hurts me to think about how many CD's you can load on a 32GB flash drive. I've even got a bunch LPs (full albums) just for the old school pleasure of listening them from one end to the other. And then there's the meta data / tags you can tune up with a program like TagScanner (custom album art, embedded lyrics ...).

albums in their entirety

A little further off topic:

Due to a change in the "copy rights" interpretation a year or so ago on Youtube, there are now a lot of "Full Albums" / "Ripped LPs" / Full Concerts" there. You can get freeware programs that download Youtube links and convert the stream to MP3 files. That is an almost unlimited source for any type of listening pleasure.

Youtube also has old TV shows that can make interesting listening and like the OP's rented CDs, when you're through listening to them, erase the files and replace with something else. Try that with some of the Bugs Bunny full episodes ...

Oh brudder, my head's still spinnin'

YT to MP3
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