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My van on Mars

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Ok, Campers. I'm thinking the SWB T-150 will be at least as camper-capable as your basic F-150 pickup or even the Transit Connect.

Too citified, you say? Ha! Here is my TC on Mars...

That's Mars, south of I-40, between Barstow and Needles, in the Marble Mountains / Trilobite Wilderness. Lots of upheaval of sedimentary formations, interspersed with fresh volcanics and fractured rocks that are all pointy; passable dirt roads that turn into jeep tracks and then get worse. The little TC was going cross-country after the road evaporated. Now you see why I'm waiting in the Transit line.

So ... Where have you all taken your current rides? Where ya gonna go when you get the new one? Pics, please.


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It really does look like it is on the planet Mars. I'm pretty surprised that the Transit can handle that rough of terrain.

Did you put on different tires or anything?
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