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My tour of the Orton Transit Van

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I had the chance the other day to get to see Daves Transit Conversion in progress. I was in the San Francisco area and Dave graciously invited me out to his place to go over the van. Had a great day talking conversions and seeing the work he is doing. My van arrives at the dealership in about two weeks so this was a perfect chance to see in person the things that can be done to the van. Reading about his van in posts is one thing but it was amazing to see the detail that he puts into building his van out. If you haven't been to his blog site yet I highly recommend it for anyone starting their build. Tons of great information and he has very clearly detailed all the work done. I have learned so much about conversions just reading this forum but the crash course Dave gave me in an afternoon was invaluable. Big thanks to Mr. Orton for having me over and a big thanks to the forum for all the good information the people here share with each other.
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