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My Mulligan ordered

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I've ordered (another) Transit 350 EL HR SRW 3.5 ecoboost 3.31 ltd slip....

from Ken Maltman at Mullinax Ford in WPB as JHTransit suggested. Requests, VOC, all checked off and verified and signed...well, by me :D I'm good.

I thought he might put it off since we are under threat of a category 4 Hurricane (Matthew)... but no...

Now just have to double verify each notice we receive from FORD/KS...

Not sure where I'll post further on this as it isn't really going to be a camper conversion...but maybe more than a DIY...

Now the anticipation builds again...

but first, Hurricane Matthew. (No where to run to, no where to hide!) Everyone north is evacuating north and the roads once I get there will be packed as will hotels farther north and west.
God protect us and let the high pressure move east and draw it away from the coast. 0:)
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Maybe you need a camper to escape.
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IDK what God has in mind. In MY mind, it would be perfect if the van I ordered came in, I threw my camp stuff and disability stuff and dog in it and evacuated yesterday to the Panhandle....

...then I was thinking, okay good that I don't have a new van in my driveway to be smashed by flying debris....

and now I'm just wondering ...:D

God can protect me whether I'm here or there. If I don't make it through a full hit, then I hope I go quickly! Looking forward to heaven anyway, 0:)

I won't be officially converting the van (but I'll be praying for it ROFL)...

I have 6 months after insuring it as a personal vehicle before I have to re-take it to them to prove I haven't converted it into an RV/camper whatever.
My insurance company could care less. I just insure it as a empty van. I self insure for the $15,000+ interior modifications. My understanding is an RV is less costly to insure. The problem comes when the DIY conversion does not have a label from a qualified conversion company. At least that is the problem I had.

If I am in an accident that requires access to the cargo walls, I wonder what the insurance company will say? I guess I could remove the conversion stuff that is in the way. Might get interesting.
At least in my case, an RV is much, much less to insure. I was concerned about lack of a conversion company, but when I called in to tell them to cancel the RV insurance (sold) and add my new van, they said it would be OK for it to just be listed as a Ford Transit. IDK if there is a maximum amount, but they insure it for the amount I told them it was worth. Their main concern seems to be that I'm not living in it "full time".
Best of luck x2
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Insurance & tag

Since I already had a run through trial, I know that Mulligan will only cost me $100 a month for insurance. This will include everything but gap insurance (which I cannot have since I'm paying cash.) This will also include the ramp since I am having the dealer install that and it won't be considered a "conversion" by diy.

The Van will be listed as a commercial van for private/personal use. Since that's the case, I plan on using the dealer's tag but switching my car tag over to it, removing it at the license center when I sell it to the guy who says he still wants to buy it (though now it might not be till Christmas.)

It's a permanent handicap license tag/registration. I'll have to transfer the hanging placard too (required in FL regardless of license tag..but ok to have for when I ride in someone else's car, get to park close for me :D).

Hmmm I best verify what I thought I heard the insurance agent say about the dealer upfitting of the ramp...I'm really gun shy now, need to triple check everything! Exhausting.
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