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Ford engineer called MyFord Touch infotainment system 'a polished turd'

First half of story:

Documents in a class-action lawsuit against Ford and its original MyFord Touch in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system reveal that the company's engineers and even its top executive were frustrated with the problematic technology.
The documents from the 2013 lawsuit show Ford engineers believed the IVI, which was powered by the SYNC operating system launched in 2010, might be "unsaleable" and even described a later upgrade as a "polished turd," according to a report in the Detroit News, which was confirmed by Computerworld.

The SYNC OS was originally powered by Microsoft software. Microsoft continued releasing software revisions it knew were defective, according to the lawsuit.
"In the spring of 2011, Ford hired Microsoft to oversee revisions, and hopefully the improvement, of the [software]. But ... Microsoft was unable to meaningfully improve the software, and Ford continued releasing revised software that it knew was still defective," the lawsuit states.
Last week, a U.S. District Court judge certified the case as a class action

And, another, related story from the headlines at

CNN Money:
Most drivers who own cars with built-in GPS systems use phones for directions

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We used the Ford GPS system for about a month. Never did used to the 'user friendly' interface. For a while we used both the Ford GPS & the Garmin NUVI 2555LMT. Now it's the Garmin exclusively. Ford's idea/ implementation of a GPS is system is so backwards. The only thing I like about their system is the 7" screen.
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