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My Adventure/Camper/ToyHauler/Conversion

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Purchased November 2014
Long Wheelbase---Extended Body---High Roof---2500 (3/4 ton) Power Stroke Diesel
6 speed automatic that can be shifted manually.
Power windows---Power locks--AC--Remote key entry--Cruise--Intermittent Wipers---Tilt and Telescoping Steering Wheel
Radio (nothing fancy)----complete tow package with reciever, trailer brake controller and a Tow Haul mode in the transmission.

Here is the finished product ------but how did I get there---read on.
Simple camper in front------toy hauler in rear.

I didn't order my van---found one on the lot that had pretty much what I wanted. One main priority besides cruise control was the factory tow package which includes a brake controller---also has 2 pluts at the rear---one is the 7 pin w/brake---and the other is a flat 4 connector.

With 15' of cargo I started my build------I will build a wall about 7'6" from the rear and will haul my dualsport motorcycles in there-----along with gear and all the dirty stuff.

The cargo area is 14' long------the back 8' will be for my bikes and I'll build a wall with a door to isolate the toy area.
The front 6' will be my camping and sleeping area. It will be comfy---but I will not put in a toilet, fridge, micro wave or shower.
I will be keeping it simple---but want a couch which makes into a bed very quickly in there.
I'm building this cabinet to go in the rear for riding gear and such.
I used 3/4" plywood---screwed everything together with sheet rock screws---but used wood glue also---the glue
makes it a lot stronger.

I got the steel part of the wall done-----I made it out of 1 5/8" uni-strut and welded the joints with my mig welder.
The Sides I bolted to the wall using 8mm bolts and fender washers. I made sure and used locking nuts so they don't work loose.
The 16" space in the middle will be a door. This will make easy access to things in the rear portion of the van.

The door fit absolutely perfect.
I used 2 magnets to hold the door closed---they are to weak---I'll have to do something else.
I used 1/2" plywood here---didn't need 3/4" and didn't want to use anything to thin as I may want to fasten
some things to the wall---maybe a cabinet ?????

A view from the rear----I'm pretty much done back here.
Maybe some paint on the back of the wall---a paper towel holder for sure.
A place to strap up my ramps---maybe strap them to the roof ????
Maybe a little easy to get to storage rack for WD-40, change lube--stuff like that.

Things are going well and fast-----this part here I was just bumfuzzled to what to do.
All of a sudden a lite went off in my head and I got my wire welder out and cut up some uni-strut and my combo couch and bed is in the making.
Most of this strut is 1 5/8".

More to come on the build.
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Hi BigDog,

Good job on your van, very practical and straight forward. I should be receiving mine beginning of Jan and will also do a conversion which will allow a bike inside although I will bring it inside only when I leave the Van/Bike parked/stored somewhere and come back home for a while. Mine is also a diesel, HR, T250, LWB, not extended though.
I got a Transit because of the smooth ride you mentioned, much better than anything else in the market. Will post my progress once van arrives.
Keep the great adventure of live flowing, ride safely.
PS: Are you the guy involved in "The ride of my life"?
Hi BigDog,
Looks like, again we have very similar plans :)
My goal with my transit is to wander around searching for nice places to ride my crf250l.
Hope to cross paths someday.
1 - 2 of 83 Posts
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