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The short version: Can someone who has the optional Ford factory splashguards installed, please share some photos -- including of the clearance with the front wheel, and how much they extend forward from the front door, into the front wheel well? Ideally pics of the "heavy duty" splashguards, but also curious about the "molded" ones. Similar pics of the rear guards would also be great, though lower priority.

More detail: I have a 2019 T250 148WB with a Quadvan 4x4 conversion and 245/75 tires on Ultra-Toil rims. I want to add some mudflaps. Definitely for the winter, including to keep the slush/ice from building-up on my Espar furnace (which is under the van). Also wouldn't mind having less mud thrown up on the sides of the van, but that's less critical.

I suspect I'll need to fab my own mudflaps for the front, both to get decent coverage for the underside of the van, and given the lack of clearance between the body/front doors and the 245/75 tires. But if the Ford "heavy duty" spashguards or others will fit, that would be great to know.

I'm more optimistic the Ford or other splashguards will fit and be sufficient in the rear....

Lastly, if anyone has experience fitting the optional Ford wheel well liners to a QuadVan rig with 245/75s, that's also of interest. I'm guessing at least the rear of the front liners won't fit, since from the one photo I've found, it appears the liners go over the body seam that has been folded to make room for the tires. But if there's value to adding the rest of the front liner and/or the rear liner....?

Or if anyone has figured out a better approach.... Thanks!
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