Just got in the first group of Transit seats from upfitted 2023 Transit passenger vans. All of these seats are from 12 passenger vans converted to handicap modified vans or private ambulances. They are the Dark Palazzo Gray Vinyl seats that look more like Black than a Gray color. These are stationary seats in 54' 3 passenger, 36" & 31" 2 passenger, and 16" single passenger seats. When purchasing these seats, you get the factory floor mounting brackets to mount them in your Transit or other similar vehicles.

62" 3 passenger seat $500
54" 3 passenger seat $450
36" 2 passenger seat $350
31" 2 passenger seat $200 each with LH or RH staggered seat legs
16" single seat $250

Understand that the 31" 2 passenger seats are more like kids seats and not really large enough for adult seating. As far as the child designated seat mounts, the 62" & 54" have 2 and the 36" seat has 1.

These are available for pickup in Kansas City or in the DFW TX area with advance notice. Just send me a PM and I can let you know which ones are available.