PRICE IS NOT FIXED...please see below ***

I will be removing the camper set up from my 2012 Transit connect passenger van. Only reason I am doing this is to build a new version that allows for all 3 seats to be installed with the fridge fully functional. This design has been refined over many years of two people using it for overnight to month long trips, summer and winter, an hour away to cross country, desert and mountains.

This is my 4th iteration to get the parts count as low as possible while maximizing storage space and flexibility. This has been in the van for 40k + miles with no issues. Light weight 8020 (80/20) aluminum extrusion construction. Upholstered with outdoor carpeting.

*** Price is not fixed because I am willing to sell it in any number of states….from you taking it out of my van to see how it works and you go off and put it into your van to me fully installing it in your van. For the right price I can help with modifications to suit your needs. Since I will to be building another setup for my TC I would be interested in keeping some van side electrical components on my and making new ones for you, so let’s talk through your wants/needs. Not willing to sell the fridge since I plan to use it for the next build.

I get a lot of questions about why I don’t have any number of additional systems built in. The answer is simplicity. Bring only what you want/need for the specific trip you’re going on and what you will be doing. Campgrounds offer everything from hot running water & showers to picnic tables, fire rings and wood for sale. For backcountry camping there are all kinds of minimalist products to suit your desired level of luxury. I can give pointers on what products I have found work well to supplement this build. Add a bike rack/rear rack, roof rack (which i also have for sale) etc, for more cargo. To take the listing photos I cycled through all of the configurations in 20 minutes (19 and change, I actually timed it). With another 20 minutes I could have it all removed with the full cargo area available or the bench seat reinstalled.

Side note....for what its worth you can to try to copy my build, but after designing/building campers over the years, including a full sized van with webasto, victron 400Ah electrical + solar, isotemp hot water, full plumbing 3000W inverter, swivel seats, lagun table etc. etc.... I missed out on many weekends of camping.... trust me that your life energy & time have significant value. Just buy this set up and enjoy camping today, not 6 months to a year from now.

PM me to connect and discuss how we can work together if you are interested.

Please let me know if there are issues with the link to the full overview:

Google Drive:
TC Camper overview