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Please allow us to introduce our brand below:

We are a brand focusing on high-quality auto parts. Our product direction is vehicle transportation equipment and camping equipment. We came to this forum because we have ford transit related products, including roof ladder racks and Cargo Van Shelving Storage System.

We want to make the equipment that can be used by Cargo Van as the main product of MELIPRON in the future. Many products are still under development. We want to sell our products on this forum, and at the same time hear the voices of van owners’ needs. Through our designer team, we can realize and bring the ideal product to everyone. Our designer team is a group of Energetic and thoughtful young people!

Some actions we will take here:

1. We will have some issues related to product design and need to solicit opinions from car owners. If your design opinion is adopted by us, we will give you a gift or commission.

2. We will do some exclusive forum promotions regularly, such as discounts and new product pre-sales for forum car owners. If you are an influencer, hope you can cooperate with our brand in affiliate marketing.

3. We will need some owners to test our product, test its adaptability and whether it can be installed normally, and give us some feedback. As thanks, the product is given free of charge.

4. As long as the owner of the forum has purchased our products, if you successfully complete the installation and provide me with photos and videos, we will refund you another $50 as a thank you.

The general self-introduction is here. The owners should have a certain understanding of our brand and why we came here after seeing here.

MELIPRON Flagship Store (there will be more discounts here):

MELIPRON Official Website (we will do some interesting activities here, such as affiliate marketing activities and pre-sale activities):
Melipron™ - Keep Moving On Your Way With Freedom

MELIPRON Facebook Homepage (here will appear some offers and content for other models):

MELIPRON Facebook Group (Here is a gathering place for ME brand lovers, where you can share your stories with MELIPRON brand):
MELIPRON for Ladder Racks Design | Facebook

MELIPRON YouTube (we will upload product installation videos and influencer videos that we cooperate with brands here ):

There are still very few outdoor gears related to Ford Transit on the market, so if you have unmet needs, please feel free to tell us in the forum, our designer team will be ready to go!

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