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Meet "Oscar", our new T-150 daily driver

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A mere 11 weeks after ordering, we were able to pick up our new T150 this morning. We replaced our 2012 Toyota Sienna because, with five kids and potentially more down the road, we needed more space (yes, we are a little nuts). Here are the specs: Magnetic T150, EB engine, 10 passenger with leather, sync 3, back-up assist and remote start. Ordered Feb 1st, realized they forgot to add the 10 passenger option Feb 5th, replacement order made Feb 6th. Built March 22nd, and delivered to dealership on April 10th and picked up on April 11th.

Issues along the way (or blessings in disguise): First, as mentioned above they forgot the 10 passenger option, which delayed the order by a week. This turned out to be a good thing because it meant our car was built after the recall was corrected. The initial order didn't actually get cancelled, so it was built on March 13th, and is still sitting at the dealership for an undetermined about of time until they can fix the airbag issue (which may take months to fix). I also realized a few weeks ago that they didn't add the Privacy glass or running board option on to the order. Those would have been nice, but I can also tint the windows just like I want them for less than what the privacy glass was going to cost. Also, the aftermarket running boards seem to be a good deal.

So, overall we are extremely happy with our purchase! This forum has been and will continue to be a wealth of information. I don't plan to change much (other than tint and running boards), but I may eventually want to upgrade the speakers and the headlights. I already know this forum has info on those items!

I've attached a few pictures. I plan to take more, but it's been a busy day. If you are considering buying a similar vehicle, please feel free to ask questions or request pictures. This forum is far more helpful than your dealer will be (at least than most dealerships)


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Looks AWESOME! Oscar is a great name. We are still in debate with ours. Leaning towards Fiona from Shrek as it's big and green.
One vote for Fiona on big green :D

PS to mgore: I'll be looking for Oscar on the road! :nerd:
When she pulled up the Valet people were thoroughly confused. Here was this girl driving an un-marked shuttle bus with five kids in car seats, picking up another family and taking them to the airport. It took them a few beats to finally grasp that this was her everyday vehicle (and that all the kids were hers).
Here in Orlando when you go near the airport or Disney (which we do a lot), the shuttle services & tourists are driving Transits everywhere. That is one reason I have added various touches (and continue to do so) to help our wagon not look like the rental vehicle it was before we got our hands on it.

PS: congrats on the upcoming arrival 0:)
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leaning towards the 60/40 split doors due to concerns with my kids being able to open the slider by themselves. Have your children had any issues?
I wanted the 60/40 doors for that same reason yet when looking at vans more than once it was a real PITA to get in and out between parked cars, especially with more than one person.

We got a slider and so far it has not been a problem, though we miss the automatic doors we loved on our Town & Country.
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