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MaxxAir Fan Install issue?

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I have a 2022 high roof 148" (non-EL) and want to install the fan between the rear supports. I have been doing a ton of research on this and used some of the best ideas from all of you giants. I have an issue though. The distance between the beams is only 13.75". Is it still possible/advisable to put the fan there? It isn't a major catastrophe to put it in the middle bay, but I would prefer it over the bed.
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Any feedback is appreciated!
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Thank you to everyone who responded. Just as an update:

We put it in the rear bay and it did just fit. We still added supports - it is really solid. We used sikaflex to seal it (got it at home depot in the concrete isle). Everything has cured and is sitting well. We didn't seal the inside of the van (we were worried about moisture somehow getting in and using the roof supports as a bridge) so hopefully that is a totally unfounded fear.

It was an easy install, but just slow going and stressful.

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I did exactly this, using @Hein adapter and putting the fan where you describe in a 148" HR non-extended. Post linked below with plenty of pics. :)

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