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Maxxair Fan: Different ways to power

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Besides solar panels, how are you running the Maxxair Fan? Can it run directly off the dual battery? Does it cut off after 30 min. after engine is cut off? Other options? Thanks
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There will be a small terminal strip at the back left corner of the drivers seat base. That's the CCP terminal(s). If you got a base model, there's one connection. If you got some options (can't remember which ones right off) there are three. Each one can supply 60A and is always hot.

If you only have one, Ford has a kit to add the other two. A few people here have done that and posted about it.

There is no ground terminals in the CCP strip, the BEMM (Body & Equipment Mounting Manual) Phil mentioned shows all the "approved" ground points. The one you're supposed to use is in between the seats on the floor - seems a strange spot to me. Orton has mentioned using one of the bolts mounting the parking brake. If you just run the hot to the seat, and the fan is mounted in back, there are a couple of ground points at the rear of the van.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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