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My Transit uses a Fantastic fan instead of a Maxxair fan, and is installed on a non-extended medium roof Transit, so the spacing may be different from your plans. The Dometic Penguin low profile air conditioner is located at the rear of the van where Ford has a 14" spacing between the roof ribs that is ideal for either a fan or air conditioner. The weight of the air conditioner is on the rear door frame and the two 14" spaced roof ribs. A Maxxair fan could be used in place of the Fantastic fan, but with less space available for the solar panels. Hein's roof adapters were used for both the fan and air conditioner installation to fit the arched Transit roof. Excellent quality products. He has different roof adapter sizes, so call to ask him exactly what you need when ordering.

1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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