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Lowering a Transit

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I’ve been searching far and wide for a way to lower a Ford Transit 350 XLT LR Passenger van so we can fit it into our residential garage as it will scrape the top (just barely). Ford doesn’t want to tackle the problem. Any chance the Ford F-350 lowering kits would work? Guessing not.

I found this article: Vantastic - New Billstein handling tweaks for the Ford Transit

Problem is that it is for the European Transit, I called local Billstein dealers and they can’t even get the parts.....Does anyone know if the European Transit is substantially different? Is there a good chance that would work on the American Transit?

Has anyone successfully tackled this problem? I do not want to mess with the garage - surprised Ford hasn’t figured this out. They even added the shark-fin antenna to the roof making matters worse. There has to be someone out there who has successfully lowered their transit a couple inches.

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Let some air out of the tires. Reinflate after pulling out of the garage.
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