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low roof

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I cannot seem to find a low roof/long van to view. I don't need the extra height as the van would only be used getting too and from, and sleeping on the side of the road in route. I've never owned a van so I have no idea how much room is back there. We have been using as truck/topper combination forever and it has worked for us ok. does anyone know if the transit low roof is higher inside than the econolines? don't tell me to do a search because I've read every thread....
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a simple google search will give you dimensions of both trucks.

from what I recall, the Transit is slightly wider, but interior height and length were pretty close within an inch or two?
Yup. Interior free height of the low roof Transit Wagon is similar to my old Econoline Club Wagon, but the medium roof Transit is too tall for my needs.

Here is the Transit:

kitesurfer, the low roof Transits are showing up on the dealer lots, I would recommend test driving the various heights and standing up (crouching in the LR) in the full scale models, as the best test. It would be worth a drive to do so IMO.
like i said...i've searched! 83.6" from ground to roof outside. That does not tell me what i need to know. Trust me, if I could find a low roof to see in person, i would have already done this. i'll continue...
I posted a link yesterday which leads to all dimensions. Did you take up CrewVanMan on his offer to find a van near you? Most streets here are two-way. :)
. . .
I have no idea what the height is for an Econoline.

p.s. Peter - There is a newer version of that spec sheet that was updated in July with a few corrections.
As onetwo said the other day, the interior heights are similar, but the new Transit may actually be tighter inside as I recall from my research last summer.

Thx Vince.

Forgot to look at the engine code. Not much else out there on the 150 Wagon with Ecoboost unless you go to the Medium Roof, then you have a lot more available.
More on the east coast but that is more out of your travel range.

Still think the one in SA, TX would be worth looking at unless you order one.
PeterR and other forum members have special ordered their Transits as they are hard to find in a 150 wagon with any special options.
Yup, when the scarcity of loaded Wagons became apparent months ago, I ordered. Delivery is a month or so away, just in time for Summer and the purchase of a trailer . . . for Fall "Travels with Charley" . . .

Good luck!

Here is one in Long Beach. CA at Cal Worthington Ford
1FMZK1ZG5FKA23242 Lunar Sky
MSRP $39230
Short wheelbase model? ("130")
Yea. I saw that one at cal worthington. Called about it yesterday. It has barn doors. Found one with LS in half moon bay. No reverse sensor or camera. Wife says we are going to bite bullit and order one. Get exactly what we want. Any tips on that? Pitfalls of ordering? What is the current wait time? 16 mos? Decade? Wha?:eek:
I guess the main question is: in 5-10 years what Transit do you want to own happily, one that has everything you want, or one which has 1/2 of what you want (but arrived 3-4 months sooner)?

ARI the fleet management company estimates the order-to-delivery lead time at 16-18 weeks, but check the various items in the right column which may affect this:

You might want to read the following thread for an in depth appreciation of the twists and turns in the current build out:

The process is improving however, as recent comments have said.

If I had it to do all over again, I would go back to the same dealer, who has serviced my previous Econolines faithfully for decades (often getting warranty coverage for expensive repairs), and I would order the Transit I want.

Patience is usually rewarded with satisfaction . . .
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