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low roof

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I cannot seem to find a low roof/long van to view. I don't need the extra height as the van would only be used getting too and from, and sleeping on the side of the road in route. I've never owned a van so I have no idea how much room is back there. We have been using as truck/topper combination forever and it has worked for us ok. does anyone know if the transit low roof is higher inside than the econolines? don't tell me to do a search because I've read every thread....
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Could someone help me find a low roof. Short box. Eco boost or diesel in or within 1000 miles of San diego? The more options the better.

Thanks for your help!! I've been to seven dealers in the area. Looked on web a bit. Is there an easier way to do this? I get the distinct impression the dealers just. Don't. Care.
No kidding. San Diego County Ford dealers are a piece of work.
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I don't think I can justify going that far. How are you able to look them up? Can I do this? What tool do you use? Thank you!!
Try having a dealer bring it here for you. I did that with a Sprinter a dealer found for me in TX. They might want some cash to cover the freight.
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