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low roof

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I cannot seem to find a low roof/long van to view. I don't need the extra height as the van would only be used getting too and from, and sleeping on the side of the road in route. I've never owned a van so I have no idea how much room is back there. We have been using as truck/topper combination forever and it has worked for us ok. does anyone know if the transit low roof is higher inside than the econolines? don't tell me to do a search because I've read every thread....
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Help a guy find a van?


Send me your zip code and I will see what Low Roof/148" Wheelbase Transits are in your area. Any specific color, engine, equipment?
Could someone help me find a low roof. Short box. Eco boost or diesel in or within 1000 miles of San diego? The more options the better.

Thanks for your help!! I've been to seven dealers in the area. Looked on web a bit. Is there an easier way to do this? I get the distinct impression the dealers just. Don't. Care.
Lunar sky


I sent you 2 low roof 130" WB Transit 150 XLT Wagons, one white and one blue.
1FMZK1YM6FKA15769 White ext

1FMZK1YM5FKA53171 Blue Jeans ext
Let me know if either one of these works out. I have more on my listing but need more info from you if you want different exterior/interior colors and options.

Come to Texas, here is a really loaded one
1FMZK1ZG2FKA52827 Lunar Sky ext, Pewter Leather MSRP $42,495

OR>>>>Go to Washington state, if this one is available (shows special order) you can have a Transit School Bus Yellow
That one in Texas is perfect.... Cept it's in Texas!
San Antinio


It is in San Antonio, TX. Just get on a airplane, and you can have a good break-in trip back to CA
You can go to the dealer website and see the pictures of the Transit.
There is a $1685 dealer discount, then $2500 Ford offering, and then anything you can work on from there.
It was built close to 2/4/2015 so it has probably been there close to a month.
I don't think I can justify going that far. How are you able to look them up? Can I do this? What tool do you use? Thank you!!
Doesn't have ecoboost!

Yea. I saw that one at cal worthington. Called about it yesterday. It has barn doors. Found one with LS in half moon bay. No reverse sensor or camera. Wife says we are going to bite bullit and order one. Get exactly what we want. Any tips on that? Pitfalls of ordering? What is the current wait time? 16 mos? Decade? Wha?:eek:
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