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Low Mileage T-150 Med Roof Cargo Van 148" 3.5L $28,990

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Was helping a friend look for a Shelby GT 500 and found this Transit in FL.
See it at

Options including Navigation, Trailer Towing Pkg with Trailer Brake Controller, Rear View Camera, Cruise Control, and Cargo LED Light Pkg.
With 5,627 miles and $10,000 below MSRP, this one is a REAL DEAL!
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Sold today. Did anyone on the forum buy it?
Tom Roth

There will be some new incentives to move out the remaining 2015s. Go back and look at the 12/31/2015 thread I have posted that shows you the incentives by zip code. I think the new ones will start on January 11th. Most have been discounting about 20% (around $8000 for $40K MSRP) or more off the MSRP, so your $27,700 price is in the ballpark.
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