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Loud groan from rear brakes on my 2017

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When I let off the brake while stopped the rear brakes make a loud groan sound. No unusual sounds while driving just the groan when letting off the pedal while stopped.

Any ideas?
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Brakes need to be broken in and I'd bet it was never done. Take the van out on a lonely road some where with a speed limit of at least 45mph. Make at least 3 runs where you accelerate to 45 then brake hard but not enough to skid the tires.

This procedure will heat up the pads and rotors and evenly transfer a layer of brake pad resin to the rotors. After that, your groaning brakes should go away. The new brake pad materials need this break in process or they skip under light pressure such as that when releasing the brakes. The skip is the groan you're hearing.
I will also have to try this break in thing.

I have 8k mile. I get the groaning in reverse, but not all the time. I had mine inspected at the dealer and there was not anything wrong with them. They told me while they are noisy, they are normal and a cargo van seems to amplify the sound over a wagon. I can confirm cargo vans do seem to echo more inside.
My rears groan a little in reverse also. On average the brakes are probably running 60% front and 40% rear so the fronts get broken in almost by default but the rears don't. I've got about 1800 miles on mine and haven't done the break in yet. I will if it starts to get annoying.
On these vans the rears wear much faster than the fronts. Strange but true. I got 35k out of the rears. Keep an eye on them.
That is strange. Sounds like maybe they proportion them to help with nose diving or under steer issues. Hard to know for sure. I'll have a look at mine at 20k and if I dont like what I see I'll swap to a set of Super Brakes and vented rotors.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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