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Loud groan from rear brakes on my 2017

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When I let off the brake while stopped the rear brakes make a loud groan sound. No unusual sounds while driving just the groan when letting off the pedal while stopped.

Any ideas?
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I ran my rear pads down to under 3mm. The groaning in reverse had increased to an intolerable level, so I replaced them. Didn't even bother to clean the rotors, let alone resurface them. The new pads, Wagner SevereDuty, are silent. They took about a week, maybe 4-500 miles, to fully bed in and begin working properly. Now I can say I'm happy with them. I think the stock pads are the issue. Mine had occasionally groaned in reverse, and were always a bit noisy. Now I can only hear the fronts, which are still original. I also switched the rear brackets as mine were reversed from the factory, but that does not appear to be a factor in brake noise based on what people are posting here. I'll be putting a set on the front.
My rears groan a little in reverse also. On average the brakes are probably running 60% front and 40% rear so the fronts get broken in almost by default but the rears don't. I've got about 1800 miles on mine and haven't done the break in yet. I will if it starts to get annoying.
On these vans the rears wear much faster than the fronts. Strange but true. I got 35k out of the rears. Keep an eye on them.
Check if the caliper brackets are reversed. Also consider new pads. By "recently serviced, no issues" I'm going to guess you took it to a dealer. That's like taking your wife to a stag party for a gynecological check-up.
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1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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