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Looking to buy a travel trailer...

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I recently bought a used Transit Van (2015 150XLT 10 seat configuration, 3.7) for my growing family (wife and 4 kids). I'm considering buying a travel trailer to go on trips in the future. I looked online and I found that the maximum tow capacity for my van is close to 5,000lbs. I'm looking at travel trailers that are around 4,200lbs because I'm trying to find a balance between size for my family and the weight.

Based on the experience of anyone here, what are your thoughts on the 3.7 150XLT model towing trailers? Any experiences or advise would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks to all and God bless.
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4200 lbs was the dry weight. I'm not really thinking of taking too much stuff on a trip (a few bikes, clothes, and that's about it). For the size of our family (wife and I along with 4 young children), I would like a decent size trailer. But at the same time I don't want to push the limits of my van.
I think I found the chart you were talking about.

It looks like the 5400 capacity is for the van. I have the 10 seat wagon, so the capacity is 4700. I was planning on removing the rear bench for a trip like that and I've done it once before. It's quite heavy!
So I want to make sure I understand this completely because I'm a little confused by all these numbers. Here are the specs on my van

Curb weight 5510
GVWR 8550
GCWR 10800
Max Tow Cap 4700

So correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm calculating that if you subtract the curb weight from the GCWR, the van can carry a maximum of 5290 between the van and the trailer, but the maximum that I can tow is 4700. This means that I could only carry 590 lbs total IN the van (passengers, cargo, gas, etc).

Am I getting this right?
Okay, so theoretically if I was to buy a trailer that weighed 4700lbs I would be allowed an additional 590lbs max in the van. If I got a trailer that weighted 4200lbs, I could add 200lbs of cargo in the trailer, and I could hold an additional 300lbs of cargo in the van.

I'm just trying to make sure how these numbers work, so I can figure out what will work for me. Is there a recommended percentage of the GCWR that you should not exceed (like 75% or 80% of the GCWR)?

Thanks again for your help!
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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