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I bought a Transit with Mytouch Navigation but no backup cam.

I purchased a Mytouch Lockpick 2 I found here for $335 after coupon:

And 3rd brake light backup cam for $129

If you hold talk on the steering wheel you can switch the view to your rear view camera any time. It gives you the option to add additional cameras (3 or 4).

The lockpick needs the rotary dial set to 1 and the switches 3,4 and 11 down (same settings as the Fiesta). I paid someone to install it so I don't know all the details but it works and there are no wires showing.

The rear view camera is going to take some time to get familiar with. It's zoomed out a little far. I can barely see the bumper (the rear doors block more than half of the large bumper). I also miss the on-screen tire lines.
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