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Location For MaxxAir Fan

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I have noticed that most camper conversions have located their MaxxFan vent/fan at the extreme rear of the Transit. I have some concern that this location might not be the best for me as I am planning on using a catalytic propane heater from an underboard propane tank and plan on using it four seasons here in New England. Since fresh air is needed to run the heater, I would be susceptible to drafts directly over my bed that will be located in the rear.

I am considering an alternative location just behind the first roof strut after the roofline goes from curved to flat. In that way, I should not be as susceptible to drafts. Should I be concerned about additional road noise or reduction in MPG if I were to locate in that position? Has anyone else installed there? Does anyone else see any pitfalls? It may be advantageous to have it in that location for cooking and for moisture exhaust from a rigged up shower that would be possible as well.


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I located mine the same location as Antoine, behind the rib after the roof stops the curve.
It is near the cooking area (and bathroom)....
only con so far is the rattles....eliminating the rattles you hear while driving and hitting bumps in the issue with air drag...
Maxx air is a god product but you'd think they would have created more gaskets and more solid state construction of the moveable lid
really annoying when you go through so much trouble to soundproof the van
I have not contacted them. Let me know if you get any helpful feedback from them.
A good design, except for this problem...which is so annoying when you've been on the road for hours....
funny thing is it doesn't seem to bother my wife or my son...which I find perplexing....
they actually tease me about it! ...that i get so annoyed with the racket!
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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