Items For Trade:

When we ordered a Transit Chassis Cab, it did not have the jack and lug nut tool kit. Just happened to locate a 2020 HR Transit at a salvage yard this week so was able to get the jack kit from the side compartment. I noticed this van had the factory H/D Trailer package with the factory Trailer Brake Controller, SYNC3 8" screen, and possibly other items within it. Airbags were imploded so not able to see a lot of things in it. They were in a rush to get me back to the front office so did not get a chance to get the VIN so I could go back and get a online window sticker to see what options it may have had.
NO wall panels in it and most of the damage is on the driver's side...looks like it may have scrapped a wall or something flat. Passenger side looks good with rear doors that look good other than the driver's side may have a small bend on the edge from the side swipe on that side.

Let me know if you need any parts from this van. They may not last long as any available parts for a Transit do not last long at these salvage yards.