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Light bulkhead divider "for looks"

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Does anyone make a lightweight cabin divider for the cargo van?
Ideally I'd like one that was plastic. If the center section was open or had a door that would be great (for access and long objects).

The reasons I want one are to help the AC cool the cabin without having to try to cool the entire van.

The other reason is because I plan to have windows only on the back and have bars/mesh installed so a thief can see that breaking the rear windows will do no good for allowing entry. But if they look in the front window and see the entire van open inside they may be more inclined to break in the front and then gain access to the cargo that way.

So I don't really need the divider to provide real protection or support, but just a "wall" for cooling and appearance of protection.
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I installed a Knapheide by Sortimo. 40 lbs, was easy it install and seals the cab from all the dust and noise. Just under a $1,000.00 for HR
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