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Lets see those 80/20 roof rack builds!

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Can anyone share pics of their 80/20 roof rack builds? preferably on a HR EXT.......looking for ideas on how to layout, fitment, length, overhang on front and rear brackets, front wind shroud (is that what they're called?) etc.......thanks for the pics!
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In a HR extended, I built mine like Gregoryx. In fact I copied his almost exactly. Two weeks ago.
My cost was right at $600. used 1515 extrusions 5/16 stainless carriage bolts and made my own connectors.
All of my extrusions are 96” stock then connected or cut to size. Did not use any 80/20 connectors or bolts.
I did not use the rearmost mount points and I cantilevered the rear cross piece so than I can lean a ladder against it. Rear cross piece is right above that top rear light. ..I don’t want a mounted ladder, I’ve read stories about strangers climbing van ladders to see what’s up there. I’d end up up getting arrested if I caught some one on my ladder.
I did not use the sixth tower but I do have a cross piece behind the fifth tower.
This thing is solid as a rock. No flex even at the back and no wind whistle.
Thanks to Gregoryx for an excellent write up. Wanted a rack for an eventual awning and misc.
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