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Bought virtually new takeoff tires, wheels and TPMS from a forum member for a good price. Put on new (to me) tires and could not "learn" the new TPMSs using the emergency flasher and let air out method that I used 4 times before when rotating the original tires.

After doing some research (most of which was on this forum) I found the following that worked great for my 2018 van with 2018 takeoff tires/wheels/TPMSs. This is an attempt to consolidate what I learned.

How to YouTube video...

TPMS19 tool $12.00 Arozk TPMS Sensor Relearn Reset Tool for Ford and Mazda Tire Pressure Monitor System Sensor Programming Training Activation Tool TPMS Trigger Tool Motorcraft TPMS19 Transmitter: Automotive

Here's how it worked...
1. Key in ignition. (don’t turn on),
2. Press and release brake.
3. Turn key from off to RUN 3 times and leave on.
4. Press and release brake.
5. Turn key off.
6. Turn key from off to RUN 3 times and leave on.
7. HORN BEEPS – In program mode (display will say "Train left front").
8. Point arrow of activation tool at tire above rim at the TPMS sensor.
9. Press and hold button until BEEP. (I didn't try press and release)
10. Repeat for each tire. (After Front Left, it goes to Front Right, Rear Right and then Rear Left)
11. When display shows “Training Complete” turn off key.

I was hesitant to buy the cheapest TMPS19 tool on Amazon, but it got very good reviews and worked great.

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I swapped the snow tires off my '18 to a different set of wheels, and I never got any indication that it couldn't find the sensors, 20-30 miles later.

Pulled up the custom PIDs, and they were showing what the previous last tires read. Seems like a "bad" failure mode for TPMS, IMO.
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