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Knocking sound from tires/brakes (350)

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We just bought a used Transit 350 and whenever I go over a bump (sometimes even just a rock) or if I turn the wheels while braking, and sometimes even when I simply brake, we hear a loud knocking noise that's so loud, we think we might have run over/into something. The first time we stopped the van and got out to see what it was that we hit. Nothing there.

I've only had the transit for a week, and I plan to take it in to the dealer tomorrow and would like some info on how to address this quickly.

BTW, I rented a Transit for a few days before we bought one, and it had no knocking sound--it drove beautifully.
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Interesting. I'll bring that up to them tomorrow. Thanks.
When I hit the brake pedal, it pops, creaks, and groans. Nope, don't feel a thing in the steering wheel. They're bringing me back in next week, as they ran out of time today.
We got it solved. The front bar was apparently "very loose." They tightened it up and no more problems. :)
Any idea what/where the front bar is? Hopefully it doesn't loosen up again.
He called it the front cross bar, I think? He said it was connecting the two front tires.
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