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2019 250 Cargo MR LWB Quigley CCV pop-top
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Here are the instructions to check/set the two different modes on the keypad. The default mode "communication type 1" is the correct one for the Transit. Probably not your issue but worth checking.

5. Upon pressing the 1/2, 3/4, and 9/0 buttons simultaneously for at least one second, all five buttons
will flash at a two flashes per second rate. This indicates the keypad is waiting for master code
entry. The master code is entered as in a normal keypad unlock, each button press will give another
five second window for the next button press. If no button is pressed within five seconds the
configure mode will exit.
6. When the proper master code is entered the 9/0 button will flash a pattern that corresponds to the
current protocol set:
• One flash per second for "Communication Type 2".
• Three flashes per second for "Communication Type 1" (Default).
7. You will have 10 seconds to:
• Press the 9/0 button to change the protocol to "Communication Type 2".
• Press the 1/2 button to change the protocol to "Communication Type 1" (Default).
I followed these instructions about 10 times and they didn't work. Well, turns out they're incomplete!

@somekevinguy Could you please go back to your post #38 of this thread and add missing note and step #8 to your response to complete the "communication type" change? Here is the missing information:

Only one button press is recognized. After the button press is registered, the flash rate will change to
reflect the new setting of the protocol. If you first press the 1/2 button, you cannot then press the 9/0
button to change the selection. You must exit the session.
8. Press the 5/6 button to confirm the entry, the 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 buttons will flash four times to
confirm protocol change and the keypad will turn off and sleep. If the 5/6 button is not pressed
within 10 seconds of protocol change, the protocol will NOT change and the procedure will need to
be repeate
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Have you actually done it that way on a 2018?
According to the manual the 2018 takes 8 cycles of they key.
I haven't tried it but will soon- I retained the keys/remotes from my totalled 2015.
Once the insurance mess is done I will attempt to add those 2 remotes to the 2 I already have.
Then I'll saw the key blades off since they won't work in the new van.
Go to a locksmith and have them cut new keys for your remotes. I had a key cut and they are just a nub behind the plastic, so you can change it. Mine does not have the chipped keys

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Just bought one of the keyless entry keypads. The communication protocol had to be changed from #2 to #1 as everyone points out. It was quick and easy after the keypad was in the right protocol. The PDF on #58 post was all I needed. Thanks.

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What a complete total morass of mis-information and waste of time, total BS on Ford's part.
This is for a 2017 Transit and likely applies to most transits before 2020.
If your working keypad battery dies, it may be easiest to take it apart and change the battery. I tried that and it was a pain so I ordered a new one. I thought it would be easier. Over 3 hours later, success.
The only keypad you can buy is the new KB3Z-14A626-A. Despite several sources it is not programmed to communications type 1, type 2 is the default and will not work on our older vehicles.
The available configuration instructions are wrong. This is what you need to do. Press 2,3,9 to get the fast flashing red LED, while flashing key in the master code, pause, key 1, pause, key 5. Should now be in Com. type 1.
Use your existing wireless key to lock and unlock the door. Insert key, put on seatbelt (to avoid confusing extra beeps), cycle key four times getting a beep on the forth time stopping at off. Press a button on a key you want to use until you get a beep, repeat for other keys, press 8,9 on the keypad until you get a beep, repeat for other key pads.
Turn ignition to on, turn to off.

This worked for me.
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