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Just traded off the 2015 for a 2016

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And I am so much happier with this new van. Went from a 2015 low roof 350 with an anemic 3.7 that was getting 14.5 mpg average per tank to a new 2016 mid roof 350 with the ecoboost. Tons more power, no more downshifting to get over every anthill-size incline in the road, and the mileage on the same trip that would normally net 15.5 was 18.4 according to the dash readout. Going through town it got up to 20.3, which I've never seen with the other van.

It's a lot easier to get up to speed in traffic, too... No more revving it to the moon to get up to speed. I don't think I ever even got past 20% throttle on the on ramp coming home, and it had plenty of muscle to get it to 65.
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Quick question for you since you have the high roof. Is the shelf thing above the driver's and front passenger's heads supposed to have some kind of rubber mat or something in the bottom of it to keep stuff from sliding around up there? The one in our van doesn't have anything in it but a bunch of green marks on the plastic floor of the shelves, which seems to me to indicate that there should be something in it to cover up the marks.

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My 2016 high roof has a grippy mat of some sort in those shelves

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