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Don't know, never tried that.
Anyone know if there is a way to configure a extended wheel base (148) high roof 15 seat passenger van as a 3/4 ton (250)? Everytime I try it comes out as a 350.
Does the number of seats determine the size? Trying to get one with seats far enough behind the dor opening that converting last row to fold down couch won't interfere with wheelchair docking. Have seen pictures of the layout for 8 and 10 seat passenger vans, but not for 12 -15. Anyone have any?

Semper Fi
See pp. 13-14 here for the Long Wheelbase Model seat layout. Unfortunately they don't really give the dimension for the last bench seat's distance back from the edge of the side door opening, but it's a start:

Starting on p. 7 (148" WB) here:

are the weight ratings and capacities, although there is no differentiation for 250/350 ratings.

And p. 14 here gives another overview of capacities FWIW but again no 250/350 info..

Good luck . . .
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Unless I'm reading those links wrong, the Van comes in 150, 250 & 350. The wagon only comes 150 & 350. Bummer.

Thanks for the links.

Semper Fi
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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