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Is it possible to add 2 seats on my 8 seats transit wagon

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Is it possible to add 2 seats on the 8 seats transit wagon?
Is it difficult to do? and for safety such as airbag for the 4th row

I am planning to buy a medium roof transit wagon (8 seats) and hoping
to buy 2 seats from ebay and add it to the wagon.

Is it doable? and how? like where do I start? First take all the seats out I guess?

thank you
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Even though the 10 and 12 passenger wagons are some of the hardest Transits to find both new or used, get the one with the seating you want in the beginning. The floor tracks are made to fit the specific seating arrangement so they are not easily adapted for adding seats.
This is becoming apparent to us as well. We want an 8-passenger just for the 3-seat bench in row 2. The third row bench will be removed. Could order a custom 8-passenger for about $40K. We found a 2016 in Utah with our exact desired build and can get it for about $36K, except it's a 10-passenger.

Think it's worth taking it to a van upfitter and having the 3-seat bench installed in Row 2?
If you need 10 seats and haven't purchased a wagon yet, you will be better off finding a 10 or 12 passenger instead. We usually have 2 seats removed from our 12 passenger,making it a very roomy 10 passenger. It is easy to remove seats as our daily needs change.

Adding seats involves pulling up the floor and safely installing additional seat tracks, which is no small chore. Transit wagons are built to accommodate only the seats they are delivered with, and there are no provisions for adding more.
Is the row 4, 3-seat bench in a 10-passenger xlt as the bench in a 8-passenger? Looking to get a 10-passenger and install the 3-seat in row 2.
That all makes perfect sense. I needed to hear that.

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