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Ionic Factory Running Board Bargain

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First post so feel free to slap me if I'm doing something wrong here.

I've been researching and then shopping for a factory look in running boards and decided to go with the Ionic ones. I've been monitoring prices and decided to pull the trigger at a secondary seller on Amazon named Overstock Auto. They have returns that they say have minor blemishes and in an email response, they assured me that of any parts were missing, they'd make me whole.

I decided to wait until BF just to make sure there weren't any ridiculous deals that popped up and lo and behold noticed they dropped their Amazon price from $279 to $199 shipped. So I jumped in and ordered. Doesn't seem like you can beat that wish a stick and mine is a work van, so a blemish is not a problem.

Hope it's OK to post something like this but if not, smack me and lesson learned.

I can't post links yet so search for "Ionic Factory Style Running Boards - IAT-3810393015 Ford Transit (39" Driver & 100" Pass. Boards) 2015-2016"

I have no idea how many they have.
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That's a good find at a low price. It looks like they only have a used one left right now, but I assume they might get more later.
Here's the Amazon/Overstock Auto link for the used one at only $159.20:
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